Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Can Be Crazy Sometimes

Well it's been a long time again for me to post here so here go the updates again

1. My stepmom Sharon is doing ok with her Chemo treatments. She's had some rough weeks but she's staying strong throughout it. The doctor is still telling her they got all of the cancer out and that the chemo and the radiation to follow are just precautionary and she should be playing golf by May.

2. Job in Louisville - Whew where to start!! Since my last posting I have been to visit them twice and in January during my visit it seemed we had everything worked out for me to work for them on a contract basis while stayin in IL and working from home. They even introduced me at their big meeting to the entire staff. Unfortunately the contract seemed to start changing shortly after I arrived back home and the communication started to break down between us. Also the realization of how much travel was going to be involved started to put a lot of stress on Jeanne and I. With Jeanne working fulltime and the kids going to two seperate schools with different times it's hard for her to take care of them when i am out of town. While I was in Orlando last week, it became very obvious that this new client was going to be more challenging than I thought so I withdrew the contract. They were very disappointed and really tried to talk me into staying but I just couldn't do it. Chalk it up to bad timing. They really have a great company and I know they will succeed with or without me. The bad part is that I walked away from some pretty good money but realized along the way that money wouldn't be worth the stress on my family's daily life.

3. Jeanne's dilemma - Jeanne still hasn't figured out what she wants to be when she grows up, LOL. She is looking at a different track for her PhD and considering going back into teaching when she is done so she can spend more time with the kids as they grow up. The goal is still to get back to Tennessee when she's done so we haven't taken our eye off of the prize yet.

4. Working out - Man, I don't know where to begin anymore. I am just miserable with myself. I am almost at my heaviest EVER and can't seem to get motivated to eat healthy and start working out. You know that 1/2 marathon I was scheduled to do in April? yea, that ain't happening. I have registered for a triathlon on June 6th so that's my motivation to get my fat ass off the couch and start training. By turning away the new client and just having my 1 client I have no excuses. My family doesn't have the greatest heart history so I have to get started for the sake of my wife and kids.

5. The kids are having a good winter thus far even though they haven't gotten to go sledding yet. Right after Christmas we took them to an indoor waterpark in Indianapolis that was a lot of fun for everyone. We plan on going back again before it warms up. Man if I had the money, i would open one of those waterparks here in Champaign or Bloomington and make a fortune.

Even though i have been blessed lately I have a couple friends who have been hit hard by the economy. One of them is one of my best friends who was laid off from his job a few weeks ago. I know he received a severance package but not sure he is having much luck finding a new job yet. Please help me in praying for him to find something new that he will enjoy. I would love to find the right client to add to my company that he could work with me on. My other friend is about to lose everything they have. Their company shut down and is about to lose their house. He is trying to find anotehr job as well and looking to move anywhere so I am praying hard for them as well.