Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not over yet

I went to see the urologist last Friday (Feb. 1st). It was a crappy day outside with a lot of snow and evidently the doctor didnt think many people would actually make it into the office. I arrived for my 8:30 appt. and was told that the dr. had just called and he was 15 minutes from arriving and asked for us to wait for him. At 10:15, he finally walked into my room. ( In all fairness though, the guy next door passed out in the hall after talking to the dr. about a vasectomy so that delayed my dr. even more) We talked about my symptoms and my history and then just like usual, i had to drop my pants to have some stranger start grabbing and pinching my privates. I feel like I should start charging a fee for this, kind of like a new carnival game. Pay $1 to squeeze my nuts, if nothing happens you win but if something DOES happen, then I win :-).

After examining me, he tells me that he wants another ultrasound done. With all of the swelling I have, he doesn't trust the first ultrasound. He explains with excessive swelling, sometimes you get a false negative reading for cancer. So now I have to go back on Feb. 15th for another ultrasound at a new location. I wonder if this ultrasound tech will be some 25 year old girl as well? I will have to make sure she pays her $1 first.

I called Jeanne when I was done and she was worried because I was calm about it. She asked me if I was worried and I said no. She then told me that I could not remain calm about it because that scared her even more. I am the one who obsessives over everything while she stays in denial. We both laughed about that. What am I going to do with my feelings? Of course I am worried about it, but I can't let it consume my life for 2 weeks. I am going to continue to think of it the same way as I did at first. If it's cancer, let's yank (no pun intended) the damn thing out and attack. For now, I am mentally ready for anything, let's see how I am mentally February 15th.

MIMO UPDATE: Mimo pulled through everything and is in a great nursing home now. Seems she was literally starving to death at her first nursing home. She is very alert and is getting better and stronger everyday.