Monday, July 28, 2008

Still Triing

Obviously I am not very good an keeping this updated but does it really matter since i am the only one reading it?

Life is completely "off the charts" right now with both my personal and professional life. I have still been training hard for my first tri which is THIS SATURDAY! All 3 disciplines are feeling pretty good. Running is still my weakness but that is just going to take time and I can see a HUGE difference from when i started a few months ago. My first run around our neighborhood took me around 24 minutes to run 1.5 miles and last night I ran very easy and had to even stop twice with Paige riding her bike next to me and we finished in 18 minutes so obviously it's getting better. I am still trying to find a new gym to belong to. Now it's between the UofI rec center or the YMCA. Both have their pros and cons and i have to make a decision this week.

I volunteered at the Evergreen triathlon 2 weekends ago and it was very inspiring. I was placed at the bike exit/entrance from the park to the country roads and got to watch everyone go out and back on their bikes in the pouring rain! The weather was horrible that morning with rain coming down in buckets but at least the air was somewhat cooler. I felt really bad for the athletes as they came back in from their 24 mile ride. Between the high winds and pouring rain, it had to be a very challenging race.

On the personal side of life....we are getting ready to go to Disneyworld for the first time with the kids this Sunday (the day after my first tri..what was I thinking?). I have been busy planning the trip along with getting some goodies like custom tshirts and other stuff to have at the parks. Paige and JD are so excited to get going and I know they have NO IDEA what they are about to see.

We took them to Six Flags in Louisville a few weeks ago and met our friends Shaun, Jeanne, Jarrod and Nathan from Tennessee and spent a couple days at the waterpark and riding the rides. We had such a fun time hanging out with the Hepborns and the kids were great. Paige and JD couldnt believe how cool the rides were and loved riding the kids rides. They even rode their first roller coaster. IF they thought Six Flags was great, I can't wait to see their faces at Disneyworld.

On the professional side of life....I don't usually post much about my business here but things have been crazy lately. One of my client's day-to-day operations is going out to bid with an RFP process and my company is one of the companies that is vying after the business. This process has been a long, drawn out process that has been in the works for almost a year. I am supposed to get the RFP around August 4th (while I am at Disney). My business partner and I have been working on some of our arrangments lately and will be getting together in August to respond to the the RFP. I hope we have a very good shot at getting this business. I know that we will do a great job in managing this client for many years to come and look forward to setting up the business back in Tennessee.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still Going

Hey everyone (anyone?),

I havent been very good at keeping this updated but my training is going well right now. The swimming in getting better each time and the biking and running are coming along. The race is only a couple weeks away and I am starting to get excited and nervous. It's been hot lately making the running harder for me since I am such a fair weather runner. I had my triathlon training class today with a timed 1 mile after warming up and did the mile in 9:10 which is pretty fast for me and we immediately went to the pool afterward to work on swimming drills.

I used a kickboard today and realized my legs do not know how to kick while swimming so that gives me something more to work on before and after the race.

Speaking of after the race, i have to find a new place to workout. Last week i went at worked out at my gym and had a good workout and the place was busy. On Tuesday, i pulled into the parking lot and my gym had closed and the windows were covered up. It seems that they weren't paying their landlord and were evicted after racking up $31k in back rent. I can't say i am surprise since the membership was only $10/month or if you agreed to pay for a full year the fee was only $75. I definitely got my $75 dollars worth out of my membership and I will miss the gym since the equipment was nice, parking was easy and it was never "packed" when i was there in the morning. I also have a membership at the UofI rec center but parking around there just sucks most of the time and costs about $.75 at the meter each time. Since I will need a swimming pool though, it's pretty much UofI or the YMCA. I am not sure which i will choose yet. UofI is $10/month cheaper before the parking fiasco and fees but has much nice facilities while the Y is closer to home and no parking problems making it easier to get in and out faster.

Also, we only have a couple weeks until our Disneyworld trip. We recently upgraded to the Yacht Club resort and it looks great and has a great pool/beach area to relax at each afternoon.
I am getting just as excited as the kids and the event planner in me has already laid out our itinerary for each day and the exact routes we will take at each park.

Until next posting....